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More Letters From Bernal Heights

The latest installment of angry letters from Bernal Heights is in! This time the venom is aimed at the Sierra Club, which has endorsed SF Parks and Rec plan to relocate a gate and displace parking at Bernal Heights Park. (FYI- a Bernal Heights resident told Curbed SF that the gate plan will only eliminate about five parking spaces, and they are typically not overflowing with Bernal's abundance of Subarus, anyway.)

Back to the new letter, it's long, really long. It starts off just putting the Sierra Club in it's place: "Your letter to the Board of Supervisors is uninformed and therefore dangerous." And then it gets a little confusing, comparing Bernal Heights Park to the Presidio, Golden Gate Park, and asking, "Where do you stop? Making our parks only accessible to those who can walk to them, would in essence return parks to the rich and powerful." Don't worry, there's more, and it ends with a bang: "If there was such a word, I would say this is Rovian (as in Karl Rove); your 'brand' has been used to legitimize the political concerns of a few by making 'politically incorrect' the concerns of a community. This is down-right Machiavellian. Yuck." Curbed SF's favorite part of the letter is the description of the above tagged photo which really adds a layer of suspense and the expected gratuitous exclamation points.
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