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Housing for Billionaires

More practice writing zeros. At $65,000,000 this is now the highest-priced house in San Francisco, and probably the most expensive house in California (Locksley Hall on Belvedere Island, the previous occupant of the $65M spot, seems to have dropped off the market, or at least Curbed SF's radar.) It's also hit the MLS, indicating that it may have been quietly shopped around over the past few weeks. We thank the lads at Socketsite for the heads-up.

No interior photos, because apparently it's still unfinished. It was purchased in 2004 by Peter Sperling of the Apollo Group and The University of Phoenix, who may or may not still own it. He purchased it in 2004 for $32M when the house was less finished than it is now. Leaving us with opportunity to pick our colors, no doubt.

We're not quibbling here, but it's been a long time since the words need and housing have been so breathtakingly not in the equation.
· 2845 Broadway [SF MLS via Socketsite]