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Glen Park's Overdue Library

We got an email from Glen Park and then forgot about it, which seems apropos to most SF residents' relationship with Glen Park, in general. And even though we probably will never go there, we got all steamed and also wanted to know "what the hell is going on with the library-turned-condos-turned-supermarket that they’ve been building at the corner of Diamond and Bosworth for, like, the last six years (since the last one burned down)? The structure is complete, and it looks like they are doing finishing work on it now, but so far all we see is a sign to support the local library. WTF?"

We know you really want a supermarket (you guys should talk to Noe Valley), but that's the site of the new Glen Park branch library. It's supposed to be finished and open at the end of 2006, and get ready for some cool public art because that's all been comissioned.

Got your own questions? Send those on over to us:
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