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[Photo Credit, cropped by us. Sorry, Phil!]

We got tipped this morning to a marketing gaffe made by Hill & Co covered by the Potrero Hill SF. People, relax. Those Hill & Company kids are all in the Marina. Where no doubt they do a great job selling $3M houses. But if they make a few mistakes covering the ground in a place as remote as Potrero Hill- which is closer to Daly City than the Hill & Company offices are to the St. Francis Yacht Club- it's to be expected. Do they mention Chez Papa or Chez Maman? Do they have an inkling about the cafe who's motto is One Milk? Not to worry, they'll never find Potrero Hill.

The real fun comes when Marina chicks of both sexes start writing about Bernal Heights, the land of two mommies, Subarus and un-permitted driveways. Plumbing the depths of Cortland Street in Range Rovers and wearing Christian Louboutins.

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