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SF In J-E-L-L-Oh!

We've seen this before, but Laughing Squid posted that now we can actually go see (and smell?) the wacky, wiggly, scale model of San Francisco made of Jell-O, by Liz Hickok, in person! The Exploratorium is hosting the installation as part of the "Magnitude X: Quake Science and Survival," this Saturday (open April 1st to 30th).

Also at the Exploratorium: If you can't make it to Turkey, tonight, for the total solar exclipse, they'll have a live eclipse webcast and a telescope-only feed from a Roman ampitheater in Turkey. Exploratorium, we heart you.

· San Francisco In Jell-O [Laughing Squid]
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· San Francisco In Jell-O [Elizabeth Hickok]

[Update: Jell-O installation will be placed on a "shake table." We're so there.]