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Zillow's Not Alone

We just got a tip that Zillow's got some competition: RealEstateABC. In our quick, trademarked accuracy test, we found that Zillow had way more SF data than the newbie, and instead of "zestimates," RealEstateABC has the last sales price. The new site is still in beta, so hopefully they're adding data as we type. And, as our tipster pointed out, it should be noted, when it comes to accuracy, that "in San Francisco, city assessment records are not only horribly out of date, but corrupt for political reasons." Still, we're excited to have a new website to play with. Zillow wins points for the satellite google map mash-up, but Real Estate ABC lets you adjust property factors including "interior," "exterior," "lot size," "view," "privacy/noise," and "local market conditions," with a cool sliding bar. Not sure if "local market conditions" include parameters for neighborhood specific property value indicators (i.e., broken crack pipes in the TL, Haight Street squatters, Bernal Hill gate-crashers, etc).
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