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Palms, Arboreal and Otherwise

SoMA's filling up fast with the approaching sell-out of the the Palms SF, called "the closest thing to hotel living" by its publicists. Not a palm in sight, but nevermind, or a word on whether sold means reserved or actually closed escrow or turned over to investors for their participation. We won't know until they start popping up on the MLS, or worse, Craigslist.

What's cool is how upfront they are about it not being a family building, although there are lots of two bedrooms and some three-bedrooms for those who insist on spawning. This is Ritz-Calton lite: concierge staffing plus smartly priced (according to the website) in the 500K to 800K starter price range, and within spitting distance of Whole Foods and K&L Wines, not to mention CoCo500, Fringale, Bacar, Starbucks and two cash machines. The only drawback we can think of in the neighborhood, aside from the homeless people with their palms out, are the one hundred days of ballgames when the neighborhood goes into complete gridlock.

The apartments look teensy. No dimensions on the website, just square footage. If truth exists in proportions, then that living room is about twelve bathtubs big. But in this price range, we predict it will be a family building in exactly 8 1/2 months.
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