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Tall Dark and Handsome

You know how there's a house on your street that's been occupied for decades and you've always wondered what it looked like inside? Or you got inside a few years ago for an open house and were stunned by how much work it needed? And drove by almost every day while it sat empty (waiting for permits, possibly? Just a thought.) and then a week ago the scaffolding came down and suddenly the house was revealed in a new cloak of stucco?

That's the synopsis of one neighbor's involvement with 24 Buena Vista Terrace between Roosevelt and Buena Vista East on the south slope of Park Hill. We expect to run into lots of our neighbors, too, checking out the gleaming newness of it all between 2 and 4 on Sunday, 03/26.

It's expensive. Perhaps the style's a bit hedge fund manager luxe. But what's really worth the money here? Simply put, you'll never build anything this big or tall in this neighborhood again. The height and square footage must have been fully grandfathered, right up to the top deck, which in a previous incarnation was a dog run for a crazy vocal German Shepherd.
· 24 Buena Vista Terrace [Payton Stiewe, Sotheby's]