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Weekly Joe: Spike's Coffee

Our friend Sue once summed up Spike's thusly:

"I love Spike's. But without a dog, I feel under-accessorized."

She now has Rosa, a rescue dog, but Spike's is all about early morning dog walkers and the coffee that fuels them plus men in expensive suits on the way to work. Inexplicably there were no pooches this morning, but we did lure Nate the Barista out to improve the scenery. The rest of the day, Spike's is a mostly outdoor lounging landmark just off the hyper-kinetic gay ground zero of Castro Street. The coffee is good, the welcome is warm. Nate- and everyone else- smile alot. By your second visit they usually remember what you drink which is helpful when you're too hungover or sleep-deprived to speak. Friendly to dogs, kids, moms, dads, grannies and trannies, and one of the great neighborhood places of San Francisco

Spikes is at 4117 19th Street off Castro and open seven days a week from about 6:30AM.