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For Vegetarian Felines Only

San Francisco is all about roommates. Some us manage to live alone but the classic two-to-four bedroom flats that line the streets here are perfect for group living. Is that a dining room or a bedroom? And as with any small group living together, there are parameters, and profiteering, On Craigslist, there seems to be universal discrimination against tweakers. Curbed SF wants to remind everyone that drug addiction is covered by the ADA. No discrimination. Even if your Dead Kennedys CD's mysteriously disappear.

But hand-in-hand with activities like guerilla postering, there are vegetarians who generously concede that "if you’re not and you don’t need to cook meat or fish in the house, that would be fine too." It's unclear whether this means take-out is OK or that cooked flesh must be consumed entirely off-premises. And that blue just screams brown rice.

Apparently the pussies are vegetarian as well, and they must be doing the math, as two bedrooms at $650 magically turn into $1300.
· $650 - 2 BRs in sunny 3 BR vegetarian flat- av'l May 1st [Craigslist]