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Matt Jalbert took a walk at China Beach and scooped us all. The infamously overpriced 300 Sea Cliff is getting a coat of stucco. In the ten years the Frisco Kid has lived in San Francisco this house seems never to not been for sale, starting at $12M in 1996, evergreen at Mark Alan Levinson, recently updated with floor plan porn and interiors in PDF (Vivaldi Alert!)

At one point in this house's life someone must have stripped off the original stucco to expose the hollow tile beneath. One can only surmise that they'd seen too many sandblasted brick walls in Jackson Square in the 60's. And now it's going back on. Which should totally make it worth $23M.
· 300 Sea Cliff Avenue [le blog exuberance via Socketsite]
· 300 Seacliff Avenue [Mark Allan Levinson, Alain Pinel]