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Who's Playing Quake Roulette?

At around 2pm, there was a small quake (3.7) in the East Bay. We didn't feel it, but it's timely because in today's Chronicle, there is an article about how Californians are playing our own game of "Russian Roulette," by not buying earthquake insurance. Among the fear and anxiety provoking themes in the article (it's so expensive! people are deluding themselves! there's a "62 percent probability of a magnitude 6.7 or greater earthquake in the next 26 years"!), was one thing that offered a glimmer of hope, of sunshine: did you know the Marina is built entirely on unstable fill from the bay? We kid! Well, we aren't kidding about the unstable fill, but we'd miss the Marina if it were gone. Although it would solve this whole "Marina Girls" definition controversy.
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