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A Good Time for Seismic Safety

After yesterday's three earthquakes (and today's endlessly repeated didja feel it?), this story about SF wanting more assurances about the safety of a new construction idea seems like a good idea. Final permits are now in for One Rincon Hill - two towers, 45 and 55 stories, at First and Harrison in SOMA. More exciting than the fact that the towers will be built using a construction method where a central concrete core provides the buildings' strength, is that these towers, according to the developer's site, will be the tallest residential property west of the Mississippi.

The developer, Michael Kriozere, is going to pay $20 million to a City affordable-housing fund and $18 million "toward community improvements and other programs that are supposed to address negative economic impacts that the project could have on low- and moderate-income South of Market residents." Maybe these funds will go towards affordable housing for City workers, including firefighters and police officers who mostly live outside of the City because of cost (and who would be unable to get into the City if the big one hits and the bridges aren't accessible... just a thought.)
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