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The Dirt on Bernal Hill

We asked, you answered, and you totally contradicted each other. We asked what the hell is going on in Bernal Heights (re: crazy letters sent to SF Parks and Rec and the Sierra Club), and the answers ranged from personal vendettas, the "dog people faction," nonpermitted driveway fiascos, and more.

While we might not be able to publicly answer the question of which Bernal neighbor is "in Tom Ammiano's back pocket," we can give you the basic low down on the speculative info we received: One, there's a neighbor who is constantly updating her "ramshackle" house and isn't pulling permits, and the gate will block access for workers carrying building supplies from their trucks to the abode. Two, someone else has an unpermitted driveway (what's with the permits?) and believes cars will be turning around in their driveway. People are also blaming the "dog people" and think that they don't want any improvements and really just want to "stick it to the man." Curbed SF asked a Bernal dog walker what she thought about all of this and, besides denying that she wanted to stick anything to the man, she said the dog people love park improvements, they just don't want all of the parking to be taken away.

So, dog people versus park people versus irate nonpermitted homeowners versus people who don't care. Sigh, San Francisco. Even though we got that cleared up, we kinda hope the letters keep coming.
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[Photo of Bernal Hill newly excavated dirt via Bernal SF]