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Fillmore Jazz (Coming Soon)

This is not exactly new, but there's no signage at the site of the currently being constructed Yoshi's Fillmore Jazz Club project (on corner of Fillmore and Eddy). Curbed SF has been receiving inquiring emails wondering if this is yet another sickeningly pastel colored, fenced in, affordable housing project... We're suprised there isn't a lot of fanfare, since this project could completely revitalize the area. Here are the specs: New Yoshi's jazz club with 405 seats (and East Bayers, don't get nervous, Yoshi's in Oakland isn't going anywhere), "French West Indo fusion" restaurant called Blue Mirror, Jazz Heritage Center, retail store, commercial parking garage, and 80 market rate for-sale condos. We didn't want to keep you waiting and wondering any longer- at least they're actually moving dirt around and building stuff, it's only taken 40 years.
· Fillmore Project to Start [SF Biz Journal]