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Celebrealty in Ashbury Heights

Have you ever been walking in Pacific Heights and heard someone point to a home (any home) and say, " I think Danielle Steele lives there?" The next sentence is inevitably a listing of the celebrities that call SF home, and after Robin Williams, people usually give up. It's not that we don't have celebs in our midst, it's just that most people don't care. We must be too busy shopping for organic produce, practicing our trikonasanas, or drinking our fine, fine wine. But, Curbed SF cares. And we just found out that our born and raised neighbor, Benjamin Bratt, has his Ashbury Heights home for sale. He's lived there since 2001, says our tipster, and Zillow says it was bought for $1.525M. Now after renovations, including a new garage and "lifting up the house," the asking price is $2.995M. Besides the ubiquitious ocean view, this listing says the house has five bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and four or more fireplaces. Are fireplaces the new black?
· 872 Ashbury Street [Zephyr]