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Curbed Three-Pack: $700K is the New Black

[Following the lead of our LA and NY brethren, we offer an SF three-pack. There's a lot of stuff out there around $700K.]

Barely Bernal
Where: 814 Moultrie
What: 719K, two bedrooms, one bath, over a garage and the inevitable bonus room, here correctly identified as an unwarranted office, plus small garden and deck.
Pluses: Very sweet in a low-testosterone way, with skylights. Perfect starter house.
Minuses: Hard to believe a starter house costs this much.
· 814 Moultrie Street [Pier Charter, Brown Bear Realty SF MLS]

Clarendon Heights Downslope
Where: 160 Graystone Terrace #5
What: $719K two bedrooms, two baths, view deck, garage, condo (or possibly TIC)
Pluses: Drop-dead views, attractive remodel, beautiful neighborhood
Minuses: We could be way off here, but unless there's an entry from Raccoon Street, this appears to be a six-story walk-up.
· 150 Graystone Terrace [Shelley Trew, Vanguard, via SF MLS]

Miss Havisham in Buena Vista
Where: 20 Alpine
What: $699K, a four room, one bath wreck.
Pluses: On a quiet street in a guiet neighborhood.
Minuses: Almost too many to count. Not content to be a mere fixer, this one hints of deep personal tragedy. Or a rental. And who picked out that yellow?
· 20 Alpine [Ed Leavitt, Pacific Union]