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It's called Population Control

Who are these people? And why do they want to live in San Francisco?

A mayoral council proposes that San Francisco needs to build more family-friendly housing:

"A six-point plan delivered to Newsom on Tuesday from his Policy Council on Children, Youth and Families suggested that at least 20 percent of the units in new developments include the things families with children need -- from reasonable rent or mortgage to ample closet space, bathtubs, large kitchens, access to the outside and laundry facilities."

Right. Single people need none of that stuff. To paraphrase Descartes: I breed, therefore my housing is subsidized.

But seriously, perhaps we should consider if "family" and "schools" are what we do best here.

Most interesting quote: "Newsom said. "But there is some concern that with the softening (real estate) market we can actually hurt the development of new construction and new housing."

What? We have a softening real estate market?
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