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Nice Shoji, Dude

You've heard us say it before- there's not much good mid-century stuff in San Francisco, So we try to see it when we can. This 1960 post-and-beam was open this past Sunday, having the added frisson of being designed by R.G. Watanabe, one of the architects of the Japanese Garden in Golden Gate Park. So I got a hold of my co-conspirator CoCo and dragged him off to see it.

More shojii the jump, and what you get for $1,195,000


CoCo's an experienced and observant gardener. He can point out the bone structure of an old garden and places where bad pruning had ruined the design- and here he could also identify railing details that were similar to Watanabe's work in the Park. It's a small house in good original condition, with nice open interiors and old cypresses on a very steep lot and almost completely hidden by a high boxwood hedge. Downstairs, 3/4 small bedrooms looking out into the trees. Sort of California Ranch meets Japanese Suburban, with shojii.

Verdict? I'd buy it in a heartbeat.


· 121 Edgehill [Paragon]