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Monday Morning Linkage:

We referred to this previously-dilapidated $1,795,000.00 Victorian listed in January. The price dropped 100K this week.

Curbed SF didn't go to any open houses yesterday. It was rainy and when it rains the realtors stand in the front hall of whatever they're flogging and demand that shoes come off. Besides, there wasn't anything interesting to see. One can only look at so many hastily rehabbed houses tarted up in Marina Toast and Sicilian Pistachio or whatever the current bright neutral is these days.

But while looking for real estate porn, we found what may be the first flippage at the St. Regis.

And not a moment too soon: the Slow Food Guide to San Francisco and the Bay Area is out. A few quibbles aside (Curbed would not exist but for quibblers) it's a thoughtful, well rounded guide that goes from the obvious stars (Chez Panisse) to the best neighborhood joints (Rosamunde Sausage Grill) and doesn't leave out the taco trucks.

And for red hot retail: the Ferry Building is a success, and then some.