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Small Packages in the Castro

Here's something different. This architect and his partner didn't want to completely gut and modernize this old, "charming," Victorian in the Castro... Instead of razing and replacing, they chose to keep the original floorplan and gussied it up with Carerra marble and George Nelson bubble lamps. So now, on the market, are two units, each between 700 and 800 square feet, and priced at $675,000 and $575,000 as TICS or $1.25 million for the building. Curbed SF is going to keep all eyes on Craigslist for barely used mid-century modern lamps, just in case the eventual buyer plans to build a 3,000 square foot house on the property. [photo by Kim Komenich/Chron]
· JEWEL BOXES - Luxury in small packages [SF Chronicle]
· Malcolm Davis Architecture []
· Listing: 4027 19th Street [Lamisse Droubi, BJ Droubi & Co.]