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Infilling Market Street

Apparently that area on Market street right before where all of the homeless people of SF come to hang out, play chess, smoke crack, and sell broken bikes (on the way to the caution-taped, non-working fountain we all love) has a name -- the Mid-Market Neighborhood. The latest new project being discussed and reviewed for the area includes the redevelopment of Trinity Plaza Apartments. The developer, Trinity Properties, has all sorts of plans to introduce "sleek glass apartment towers," retail, and open space. Now that the long discussed project is actually moving forward (after negotiating with current tenants and planning to replace 360 rent-controlled units and have a mix of 1,800 affordable and market rate units), people are getting upset about plans to turn the area into a redevelopment zone and exactly how tax dollars will be used.
We're sure everyone in the neighborhood is asking themselves, "what would Matt Gonzalez do?"
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