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The Data You Want, When You Want It

We were yakking with a friend- a friend who's really serious about her real estate- and the subject of information came up. At which point she started raving about Clean Offer, an online "client management" service:

Omigod! It's what the internet was invented for!She's not far off the mark. CleanOffer provides access to the MLS for buyers and sellers, and includes data not available on public MLS sites- principally time on the market, price change percentages, and property status. CleanOffer is available only via "client commitments" meaning you have to have your realtor sign you up. But CleanOffer gives viewers the opportunity to search the MLS on their own, at their leisure and within their own parameters. So it winds up being a huge time saver on both sides. The agent can be confident that they're maintaining the relationship (buyers and sellers have been known to be fickle creatures, apparently) and the client get access to more information, faster. Even in the middle of the night. Still confidential and not appearing on CleanOffer: lockbox/alarm info; the fee split being offered by the listing agent. Which makes sense, of course. CleanOffer was founded a few years ago by David Faudman, starting in Marin County, and they've been providing data for San Francisco for nearly all of 2006. The Peninsula's in beta and a public/non-registration area just opened for open house searches. CleanOffer currently has over a thousand agent-subscribers who service 9700 clients, with about 25,000 clients having used the site since its inception. Even better: in the past year, David says over $4 billion in closed sales were completed in the past year by CleanOffer subscribers.
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