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Curbed SF: Win Some, Lose Some

This is our almost-last post of 2006. It's been glorious. Tomorrow we'll catch with some of the best and worst of the year, then grab a bottle of Bulleit to ring in 2007 with the most fabulous hangover ever. Feel free to email us your candidates for the list. In the meantime:

818 Steiner Street went into escrow this week. The spectacular renovation had two offers on Christmas Eve. No word on the final sale price, which had come down $3,950,000 to $3,495,000. On the market about 100 days. Possibly the lack of an elevator may have discouraged a few buyers, with au pairs muttering "ixnay on the airstnay." Six bedrooms, 4.5 baths, views, garden, great kitchen.

21 Buena Vista (not shown) was apparently withdrawn from the market after 133 days and no longer appears on the Zephyr site. Redone in the style of Victorian Mansion meets Home Depot, it was dubbed "inspired renovation for sumptuous living" and came down from $4,950,000 to $4,495,000 Even that almost-half-million drop didn't shake loose any buyers. Appears to have not been staged, and it's possible the house struck potential buyers as just too damn big for any kind of living, sumptuous or otherwise. Great views and location. Whoever was inspired to put that pediment over the front door should be shot.

Price Chopper: We love this empty lot even more now that it's dropped a 100K and the permits for a RH-3 dwelling have expired. Now only $2,695,000.

Celebrating 300 days on the MLS: 2845 Broadway. Our very own unfinished $65M chateau in Pacific Heights, not surprisingly, dwarfed by some of the neighbors. Check it out soon, because public access to the SF MLS shuts down on January 2. Cities like Houston are linking their MLS to Google. San Francisco will permit access available through realtor sites only.

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