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City College: Mothra or Godzilla?

Once again asserting their independence, City College is planning a vertical urban campus at Kearny and Washington, across from Portsmouth Square in an area zoned for low-rise structures. In The Guardian, Supervisor Aaron Peskin weighs in, calling it Manhattanization:

We have fought hard to maintain this barrier against the Manhattanization of our neighborhoods. In the late 1990s I joined with neighbors to successfully prevent the destruction of the landmark Colombo Building at the gateway from downtown into these historic neighborhoods... City College is now proposing a 17-story, 238-foot glass monstrosity at the corner of Kearny and Washington streets. And the college is arguing that, as a state agency, it can ignore San Francisco planning and zoning codes.At least it's an urban campus in an already dense neighborhood with access to MUNI and BART and close to thousands of potential students in the Financial District. Unlike the Haight, where City College employees, declaring their immunity the from DPT, have annexed the sidewalks around their new campus in the William de Avila school on Waller Street.
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