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Berry Street

We took a little tour of Berry Street the other day. Berry Street is the street between King Street and the "China Basin Water Channel," the ballpark and Seventh Street. Who was this Mr/Ms Berry and how did they get a street named after them, anyway?

Like so many other new communities in California, we're reminded of the outskirts of Turin circa 1932. But given the choice of neo-Nantucket or echt-Tuscan, we'll take post-Fascist any day. Here's three projects that caught our eye.

Best address ever: 420 Berry Street. Affordable housing designed by David Baker following the curve of the rail right-of-way. Growlite upgrades?

Arterra: seriously, we thought they'd be farther along by now.

355 Berry: never too soon to chose your finishes. Or get windows. Waterbasinfront.