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Dear God

In Santa Rosa's Cherry District, the sweetest little converted church:

Built in 1912 by the Seventh Day Adventists, this Gothic Revival Church is now a beautiful private residence... the middle section of the home was built in the 1940`s by the Mormons... rear of the building was built in the late 1960`s by the Church of Religious SciencePaint job by Scientologists, new plumbing by Jews. This four bedroom three bath tale of schism and polygamy is available for under $700K, and crying out for some Catholics to take it in hand. Previous decorating decisions may require rethinking, awaiting your personal touch with a few throw pillows and some incense. Nothing quite like swanning about in a cassock on those hot Santa Rosa nights; you may be just an online theology degree away from a serious sideline in same-sex weddings.
· 515 Orchard Street, Santa Rosa [Paragon]