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The Unbuilt

The Hayes, aka 55 Page Street (above) has stepped up to plate and listed five units on the MLS. We suppose they want to test the market for selling units in unbuilt buildings. Which does work if the project's interesting. Or tall enough. Yesterday's Socketsite pointed out the odd pricing, and a later tipster set it right- the original posted prices were raised 2% after three days. So a 400 square-foot unit with one bath was 425K on Monday and today it's $431,375.00. No wonder the Fed is worried about inflation. Presumably gives them room to negotiate downward, or to cover the buyer's agent's percentage, or they're just going to raise prices every few days in a real estate version of digital performance art.

And on the subject of digital, these are the same peeps who gave us the subtle thrill of sex, danger and class distinction. And that's just the lobby.
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