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Median Priced

The median price. We know what it means, we just think it's worthless information. This month's median price is up a tad, according to Dataquick's DQNews coming in at $754K. Here's what you can get in San Francisco around this month's magic number:

An exceedingly petit Trianon to call your own. All our francophone antennae went off with this hot pink Rousseau-style two-bedroom, one-bath on a double lot. This charming house and its inspiration at the real Versailles have the same number of bathrooms, but this one has more garages. Room for a parterre.Yours for a mere $754K.
· 424 Hamilton Street [via MLS]

One bedroom, one bath loft in a converted industrial building. Quiet bit of SoMa, part of the 200 Brannan complex. Marble gas fireplace. We love marble gas, and the owners must as well. Asking $754K, plus two years of HOA dues paid by seller, or about a 12K discount. They paid 465K in 2004.
· 1 Federal Street, #35 [MLS]

We suppose there's a home for everyone, but this place completely creeped us out. Maybe the fact that the owners took a mid-century condo and put up crown molding painted in high-gloss enamel and installed a traditional paneled kitchen. Or maybe its just the lighting. Isn't there supposed to be a fireplace somewhere? Anyway, the bars on the door make one worry about thieves, rapists and murderers... in Diamond Heights? Killer views, though. Hey, the cat's happy- how bad can it be?
· 5228 Diamond Heights Blvd [via MLS]

· Bay Area Home Prices Decline [DataQuick]