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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

[The Grannies Photo Credit: Jeni Pee]

Carol Lloyd brings home what may become the dilemma du jour in her Chronicle column Surreal Estate, Torn between two markets, feeling like a fool: unintentionally owning two houses. The story of Laurian and Sluggo (of The Grannies), a couple who bought a house in the Excelsior, quickly outgrew it, bought a house in Oakland, and then found they couldn't sell the first without taking a loss. Plus the shocking unwillingness of realtors to handle houses that have not been vacated and staged. Happy-ish ending? A negative-amortization mortgage, and the Excelsior house will be rented. But a cautionary tale, nonetheless, from a market that's different from last year. Won't get fooled again.
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