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Hey, It's Entertainment

New kid on the block: Cyberhomes launched yesterday, the spawn of Fidelity National Financial. Best quote, from Inman News:

The genesis for the site is the fact that most online real estate searches are conducted by window shoppers who are not serious buyers and sellers. And while companies are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to try to capture online traffic and generate online leads, Frame said that about nine in 10 real estate searchers aren't going to participate in a transaction that year.Do we assume this is an entertainment site, with Fidelity positioning it thus to skirt the appraisal problems recently encountered by Zillow? As for accuracy, we did a search for 2510 Steiner Street. Cyberhomes came up with a valuation of just above $1.9M; the property closed escrow last week at $205K over the asking price for $2.9M, putting Cyberhomes at 33% off the mark. Still, it's an easy to use and responsive site, with directional aerial views included for hours of hawt hardcore realty-porn fun.
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