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Where are They Now? the St. Germain Report

It's not over 'til the fat person sings, so there's the nagging sense around here that we haven't seen the last of 65 St. Germain which is now "off the market." One of our tipsters said it

"needs work- someone made some regrettable choices in the 'seventies" but it was one of the most beautiful houses she's ever been in. And that was after she climbed the stone steps to get to the front door because the broker didn't tell anyone about the driveway in back from Palo Alto Street. The last, fantastic price reduction was down to $3,950,000... from $6.75M. The tired-but-fabulous 150 St. Germain is now in "escrow-firm" but we know not at what price. 34 days on the market, which is slightly deceptive- the first open house was only two weeks ago. Someone wasn't going to let this one slip through their fingers.

185 St. Germain remains unmoved at $2,175,000, and the French Provincial Royale-with-cheese at #37 is still a honking $7,500,000.
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