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More Activist Judges!

Right up there with people who can't keep their dogs out of the dunes for two months comes another regrettable moment of judicially mandated review. This time over the city's plan to turn more of the city's streets over to bicycles:

"This is not about the content of the plan. ... This is about the process,'' Rob Anderson, an activist who sued the city, told The Chronicle in June. "They're eliminating parking and taking away lanes of traffic. What we want is a full (report) so the public will know exactly how this plan affects them.''We couldn't find a website for Anderson's organization The Coalition for Adequate Review so someone, please take pity and send us a link, otherwise we're just going to assume it was edited out of Terry Gilliam's Brazil and taking on a life of its own. For the record: Curbed SF has been accused of anti-bike bias. Not true. We'd just like to see the sidewalks and crosswalks preserved for safe pedestrian activities. Like walking home drunk. or being old. Or strolling.
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[Photo Credit: everydayilive via Flickr]