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Give This Bird A Break

[Photo credit: great bird photos from Robert Royse]

Like the bicyclists who ride on sidewalks and the folks who want more! more! Alaska pipeline, a dog-owner faction of the no-leash variety is insisting on its right to run their dogs on areas at Ocean Beach and Crissy Field that are home to the sensitive and endangered Snowy Plover.

Stephen Sayad, an attorney and member of the group Ocean Beach Dog Owners, called the new rules illegal, saying they were adopted without providing adequate public notice or chance for public comment. Sayad vowed to challenge the new rules in court. "They're continuing to just do whatever they want to do,'' he said of park service administrators. "It's an anti-dog agenda. It's not a true environmental issue.''Mr. Sayad, who may or may not also enjoy clear-cutting redwoods in his spare time, has short-circuited previous GGNRA rules about dogs on procedural issues in court, and plans to do so again. He is reportedly the owner of two Newfoundland dogs and would like to continue to do whatever he wants to do. It's a whole new take on San Francisco Values. The real gem is tucked away at the end where the Chronicle thinks no one will read them:The new leash rules are unrelated to continuing negotiations between the Park Service and community groups about dog leash requirements in other areas of the park, Powell said... that process, which includes participation of dog owners, dog walkers, equestrians and senior groups, is expected to produce a draft rule by early 2008.That's a mere, oh, year-and-half from now? How long is that in dog years? How many Snowy Plovers must die?
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