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Got House?

Those knee-slappin' hootin'n hollerin' fun folks at the National Association of Realtors are at it again. We're amazed whenever the NAR goes on a charm offensive

beginning today, the leadership of the National Association of Realtors® is launching a national campaign to urge home buyers who have been waiting to buy the home of their dreams to act now before the market changes.We're not a bubble blog, but there are more realtors today then ever before in the history of humankind. And they're sounding worried. They get a little quivery at open houses, because if they've been on food stamps before, they won't want to do it again. If you don't buy a house/condo/TIC right away, whatever will become of them? People, car payments are being missed and we can't just stand around and watch it happen. Meanwhile even Allen Greenspan, with his own sinking ship/reputation to deal with, is quoted:“Most of the negatives in housing are probably behind us. The fourth quarter should be reasonably good, certainly better than the third quarter.”Dude, you retired, remember? Go play some golf. · Press Release: NAR advises consumers to buy now [NAR]
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