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We were moved by the image on Socketsite of the Argenta (left.) It looks lovely and shiny, but something about it bothered us. And then we remembered what that corner- Fell and Polk, where six screeching lanes of traffic come together on their way south on 10th Street to the 101- actually looks like. Blocked off from the east by the massive slab of Fox Plaza, on the west by the non-descript mid-rises on Van Ness, and on the south by a homeless shelter. All of which makes the Argenta a total upgrade. After the jump, the Argenta's new nabe.

If you like to look at really tall buildings, SF Cityscape does a great job of keeping up with- and geeking out over- transportation issues and the urban fabric. And we mean that in the nicest possible way.

Even if they're slightly anti-car. Someone has to be.
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[Photo Credt: Anka Group via SF Cityscape]