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Days of Wine and Turkey

[Photo Credit: avantard via Flickr]

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, may make or break retailers, but the days before the turkey holiday itself is the biggest revenue producer for food stores. The "holiday" entertainment season starts there, finishes up with New Year's and takes a dive until Super Bowl Sunday. So it's worth noting the two upscale (yes, we hate that word, too) markets that opened last week in mixed-use projects, and not a moment too soon. We covered Canyon Ranch Market a bit; they get high marks from the under-served denizens of Glen Park.

And then there's the Broderick Place markets, situated at the tail-end of The Panhandle, across from the nightmare DMV and sandwiched between the freeway-like Oak and Fell Streets. Neither NoPa nor Hayes Valley nor Western Addition or The Haight, except that residents of all four neighborhoods now have a really great market they can walk to. A combination of Falletti's and DeLessio Bakery, both of which retain separate but conjoined identities, with a Peet's tossed in for good measure. These are not markets that will please HANC or endear the neighborhood's lefties- they're frankly expensive and service-oriented. Although not nearly as swank as Bryan's in Laurel Village (where the butchers wear neckties.) Peet's opens at 6AM. Falletti's at 7AM (grocery shopping before work!) and DeLessio at 8AM. Yes, there's parking, too, and bike racks.
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