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Price Chopper: Massive Holiday Markdown

This just in: 2532 Steiner Street, the faux-Frank Lloyd Wright-in-Oak-Park numero that went up this year in Pacific Heights is down another 200K to $2.795M. Brought to market originally at $3.3M, you've saved $505K! 74 days on the market.

And reliable sources tell us that the immense (and immensely swank) penthouse at 1800 Gough has been taken off the market. No doubt so the owners can enjoy the holidays without the constant nuisance of potential buyers tramping through. 215 days on the market, was $4.995M.

And from CNN/Money/Business 2.0 (jeebus, talk about over-branding) reports of our erstwhile bubble-proofiness.
· 2532 Steiner Street [Leslie De Brettvile, Mc Guire]
· Stairway to Heaven [Curbed SF]
· 1800 Gough [Annaluz Hollaway, Sothebys]
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