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Stairway to Heaven: A Price-Chopper Moment, With Apologies to Led Zeppelin

The grand duplex penthouse (sorry, that sounded like something Donald Trump would say) at 1800 Gough, which Socketsite included in a post today about luxury knock-downs, was last sold in 2004 for $4,500,000. They started out asking at $5,850,000 six months ago. If the asking price is now $4,995,000, there's not much appreciation after paying the stagers and the 6% fee to Sothebys. This is a classic New York style full-floor co-operative building designed by architect Conrad Muessdorffer and probably an all-cash purchase, requiring board approval.

Of course, unlike its New York counterparts, the board can only turn you down if you can't write the check, not because you're foreign, gay or Jewish. Dedicated site includes floor plan porn, and the place really has that "no surface left untouched" look to it.
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Also of note: 294 Page Street finally closed last week at $2,362,000, down 21% from the original asking price of $2,995,000. 159 days on the market. And 2164 Hyde Street, after 171 days on the market and slicing almost a quarter of a mil off the price, selling (maybe) for $1,995,000, currently in deep escrow.
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