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Coming to Your Neighborhood!

Under the Chronicle's reassuring headline Eminent domain's rare use
Survey of Bay Area agencies finds only 2 homes taken over past decade lies a complex web of statistics, denials and hidden agendas. Halloween is over, but the witchcraft never stops. No statistics on how many people caved in and relinquished their homes in face of eminent domain, and no mention of the Supreme Court decision that upheld the rights of municipalities to take property and turn it over to developers. And not mentioning Prop 90 until the end of the sixth paragraph. More stats:

...82 of the Bay Area properties were acquired for four large projects in three cities. About half of those, 44, were taken to build two massive commercial developments in poor areas of East Palo AltoEast Palo Alto, of course, being that town with IKEA and a Four Seasons Hotel and no supermarket. Hey, it's your vote.
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