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Children of the Bamboo

This morning, 8:50 AM, people, bikes, dogs, lined up in Linden Place waiting for their Blue Bottle Coffee. The mochas are now made with Valhrona, the drip coffee is a revelation, the wait can be long. So far no one's set the bamboo a-blaze.

In yet another manifestation of street food being reinvented, a cart of grass-fed grilled beef hot dogs from Let's Be Frank seems to be the hot ticket for holiday parties this year. Now we just need to find a mobile doughnut...

No word yet on Manwich, or 'Bitchwich or whatever it's called, the latest manifestation from that unpleasant top-chef guy in the new Westfield Centre. Well, some words, just not delivered with much gusto.

Last of all: rumor has it there's a new bar on Haight Street. True? False? Is it the old Trax remade? Tip the help:

[You guys are fast: it's called the Alembic]

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