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Secret Agent/Agents with Secrets

[Photo Credit: Las Vegas, from Wolfgang Staudt via Flickr]

From The Wall Street Journal comes the news that realtors may have a Secret Agenda: bonuses or additional compensation from sellers, the fact of which is withheld from buyers. It's a knotty problem that underscores the vague nature of who exactly the agent's working for. Besides him-or-herself that is- they're free agents, and if an extra point (or dinner for four at The French Laundry) comes their way, why should they disclose it to the buyer?

It's not like they tell you when a title company sends them to Cabo for the weekend. Who's slicing this pie anyhow? The article doesn't stray west of Las Vegas, but hey, if it could happen there, it could happen anywhere.
· Do real estate agents have a secret agenda? [WSJ via the Redfin Blog]