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More From New Orleans

[Photo Credit: Mardi Gras 2005 from Vitor Pavao via Flickr]

Apparently still in New Orleans, the Directors of the NAR have made changes in their organization's online policies. No word on whether the Feds will get off their backs, but the Directors decided to let individual brokers decide how much data they want in public-facing sites. Standing their ground on sharing data:

...establishes that MLSs are not required to transmit participants' listings to third-party aggregators or to operate publicly accessible MLS Web sites.And the highly unlikely credibility standards provides that Realtors are obligated "to present a true picture in their advertising and representations to the public," including the use of Web URLs and domain names that they use... standards approved by the directors provides that Realtors have a duty "to not knowingly or recklessly repeat, retransmit or republish false or misleading statements made by others. This duty applies whether false or misleading statements are repeated in person, in writing, by technological means or by any other means."Like that's ever happened.
· NAR changes controversial MLS policy [Inman News]