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The 1400 Days of 300 Sea Cliff

We're so outta here: after 1400 days, The Captain's House AKA 300 Sea Cliff Avenue has been withdrawn from the market. Self-described as one of San Francisco's "finest homes" it's been on the market for a number of years at any number of prices, most recently at $18M, reduced from $23M, after being renovated, re-juvenated and possibly re-bathroomed, newly-kitchened and yes, re-stuccoed.

Best of all, though, is this reminiscence we got from a previous resident:

I lived at 300 Seacliff growing up during the 80's and 90's. I
probably know more about the house than anyone around. My father
bought the house in the early 70's and it was sold when he passed away
in 1999. Both Robin Williams and Larry Ellison made offers in the
current price range during the early-mid 90's. My father didn't want
to sell, so Williams purchased the lot across the street and built a
fairly horrendous looking McMansion. The stucco is surprising- I'm
fairly sure that has nothing to do with the original design, but it
could be nice- it always needed a little TLC. A few reasons for its
pricing, aside from the obvious: fairly sure that it's still the only
home in San Francisco on an acre of land (and a corner acre
overlooking the Pacific at that); Once upon a time it had a stairway
that went down to a private section of China Beach- probably not
private now; it also has some historic value- it was designed by Julia
Morgan (Heart Castle) for a sailor friend and was called the Captain's
Castle. She even 'borrowed' some furniture from Hearst Castle to
decorate 300 Seacliff and it remained when my dad bought the house.
She also used some of the painted, orange/red steel leftover from
constructing the Golden Gate Bridge a year earlier as the structural
framework for the house. I would often peer thorough a quarter-sized
hole in the basement wall with a flashlight and could see the bright
orange/red steel.

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After the jump, serious floor-plan porn:

lower level

main level

upper level