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2901 Broadway, Still Priceless

[Aerial view of 2901 Broadway thanks to the kids at Zillow]

We went to Google for more skinny on the lugubriously limestone 2901 Broadway. Aside from telling us it shares an address with Sue's Bra's in Muskogee, Ohio and a Sears in Yankton, South Dakota (we so love Google) there's more on the newly notorious "most expensive house in San Francisco" from Pamela Troy of the Nob Hill Gazette. Including the previously unsuspected involvement of Herbert Hoover. And eggs. Once upon a time, this place was all about the eggs.

The interior has all the sad charm of a mausoleum, or the lesser precincts of City Hall, with bronze doors and way too much marble. Odd staging- or maybe it's not staged? Oh and it Zillows in at $1.8M, which strikes us as understatement, although tennis court or no tennis court, this house is really depressing.
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