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Rumbling & Bumblings: More Questions!

Tipster week is a behind us, and we thank all of you for your many emails. We're still waiting for answers to last week's rumblings, so we're recapping and adding a few more. Remember this is your playground, so, as always, if you've got an answer, another question, or a sweet, sweet digital photo, send us a line at

1. North Beach: Theater on Powell and Columbus, we've got "cheap cartoonish graffiti," but do we have a plan?
2. Pacific Heights: Another closed supermarket, another dream of Whole Foods- Sutter between Gough and Franklin, any neighbors know what's going on?
3. SoMa (sort of): Anyone know about "the interminably boarded up building on Steuart at Mission?" This is the site next to Boulevard (which just got one of the only three star ratings from Michelin), and "the location is beautiful, but maybe the rent is too high? It's been boarded for what seems like years..."