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The Prices Are Falling!

The only thing we love more than unsubstantiated optimism are rational doomsday messages. Thanks Chron, you really pulled through. Today our dear SF newspaper gives us a gem to ponder over. According to Moody's report, "prices in San Francisco, Marin and San Mateo counties will rise about 3.6 percent a year for the next two years even as home values in the East Bay slip." However, things are a little different for Solano, Alameda, and Contra Costa counties- prices are expectected to drop 12.1% for Solano, and 6.4% for the latter counties through 2008. Realtors, at the present time, are mourning for the lack of excited buyers:

In the last six to nine months, we've really noticed a shift in the market... Most buyers are lacking motivation -- there isn't that urgency to find a house this weekend.
While you're waiting for the bubble to pop or burst or whatever, you can imagine redoing the kitchens of 2901 Broadway...