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When Did You Stop Beating your Wife?

Lots more on the NCRC's complaint against Zillow in the mainstream press this week, but Jonathan Miller hits it on the head in his blog Matrix:

Despite what I think are best efforts on Zillow’s part, however, I suspect we are seeing the first of several attempts to shut them down or change their model, refuting the argument that since they disclose their inaccuracy, they can continue business as usual. Because of their high visibility, its likely to become a public relations coup for anyone that goes after them.On the complaint's first page the NCRC acknowleges that Zillow's numbers are being used by unscrupulous realtors and appraisers, and then continue the complaint without statistics. So the issue, to paraphrase a line from the beloved NRA, isZillow doesn't cheat black homeowners, Realtors dowhich also, sadly, points out the NCRC's inability to protect their constituency.
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