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The Art of Pricing: Chopper Version

We don't know about this art of pricing real estate. Some days it looks like magic, some days it's totally a coin-toss. Plantetary alignment?

Je ne regrette rien: 20 Loma Vista was not so much price-chopped as booted off the market. In what may be a spectacular case of buyers remorse, the owners paid $2,201,000 last October, or $251K over the asking price, and put it back on the market for $2,398,000 this past summer.
· Friday Listing [Curbed SF]

More chopping: 2523 Steiner Street the former garage reinvented as an early Frank Lloyd Wright, has lost $200K off its $3,300,000 ask. Listed as a "three bedroom" it's more accurately described as the most expensive one-bedroom in San Francisco, with a possible office, plus slave's quarters.
· The $3,300,000 One Bedroom [Curbed SF]

Upstairs, Downstairs: At 818 Steiner, on the market for forty days, has lost 12% of its asking price. Down to a mere $3,495,000, it's still a spectacular renovation, just not for the previously-asked almost-$4 million. Maybe it needs an elevator.
· No Surface Left Untouched [Curbed SF]

And now for the good news: Malin and Monica did close on 2510 Steiner at $2.9M, 205K above the asking price in under ten days for what is essentially a tear-down. With planning, permitting and approvals- oh, we almost forgot, construction- it will be three years before whoever bought it will move in.
· Black is Beautiful in Pacific Heights [Curbed SF]