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This Weekend On St. Germain

Busy weekend: 65 St. Germain, price-chopped again to $3,950,000, advertised an open house so discreet you couldn't get in. Cars kept pulling up, drawn as bees to nectar for a grand house who's price has slid from $6.75 million, and then driving away.

Lots of attention paid to instead to 150 St Germain. Big, bland and a-moldering, this mid-century has a price tag of $1,795,000. Heart-stopping views from almost every room, however. What the listing agent describes as "mature trees" are some spectacularly over-the-top numbers out of the Dr. Seuss playbook. Someone had a green thumb.

A third house for sale at 185 St Germain has been on the market since it was built last year. It's nearly identical twin next door seems to have sold right away, but 185 has languished, dropping down a few hundred thou to $2,175,000. Gradually dropping that is- 20K in the past week- and restaged. Throw a little Mies van de Rohe and Eileen Grey at it and see if it helps, we always say. On the wrong side of a view street.

And who says there are no McMansions in San Francisco? We offer 37 St Germain, true its Parisian roots, everything hand-selected. Just like Paris, except there are no baguettes to be had anywhere within miles. Not even Prada baguettes. OK, maybe Harry Winston. For $7.5M you get interactive floor plans and the Mona Lisa.
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